HDS Online Features

Whether you're a group administrator, broker, member, or dentist - by creating an HDS online account, you'll get access to a variety of tools and resources that will help you manage your plan.  See below for a brief list of just some of the things your clients (group administrators) and their employees (members) can do:

What Can Group Administrators Do?

  1. View Employee Eligibility and Submit Changes

    Once in your portal (HDS Online), you'll have access to all employees, their respective eligibility, and you can submit all changes from a single dashboard interface.

  2. Check COBRA Eligibility

    Also check employees' COBRA eligibility. If you have any questions, we'll put you in contact with our Billing Team.

  3. Access and Download Forms

    Access and download forms for employee enrollment, changes or termination. Don't see something you need? Let us know, we're here to help.

  4. View Billing Information

    View billing statements and make adjustments right in the portal. Need help with something more complex, our Billing Team can assist.

What Can Members Do?

  1. Search for a Dentist

    Members can search for participating dentists and filter by zip code, island, specialty, and much more.

  2. Check Eligibility

    Subscribers can access their eligibility, including dependents on their plan.

  3. Verify Plan Benefits

    Members can access their summary of benefits and get explanations on dental terms and any frequency limitations.

  4. Check Claim Status

    Members can check claim status and request to receive alerts by email when a claim is paid.

  5. Access Explanation of Benefits Statements

    Members can access past statements of dental services (Explanation of Benefits) to see what was covered and what their payment share is.

  6. Request or Print a Membership ID Card

    Members can print out or request an HDS membership card to be mailed to them.