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Take control of your oral health

Take control of your oral health

As an HDS member, you get access to your claims, benefits and resources to help you along your journey to good oral health. The HDS Member Portal helps you understand how your benefits work for you and your family.

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    Check Your Benefits

    Not sure what’s covered under your dental plan? Log in and view your benefit summary.
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    Track Claims

    Track your claims to see what types of treatments or procedures have been done on your teeth as an HDS member.
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    Find A Dentist

    Need a dentist? Or, perhaps an orthodontist? Look no further, your local dentist directory is at your fingertips.
HDS Virtual Visits

Hawaii Dental Service Virtual Visits

As a Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) member, you have 24/7 access to virtual dental care. Whether you have a dental emergency or simply need quick oral health advice, HDS Virtual Visits are here for you. Virtual Visits are available to HDS members. This service is currently not available to Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.

It’s safe and easy to use.

Forms for Members


This form is to authorize the release of your Protected Health Information (PHI) such as dental claims history, benefits information, etc. to someone else (for example: your spouse, your daughter or son, etc.).

Individual Dental Plan

This form is for Individual Dental Plan members only. To make a change to your Individual Dental Plan online, please log onto the HDS Member Portal. If you have a group plan through your employer, please contact your company’s benefits administrator to make updates to your plan information.