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Individual vision insurance from VSP® gives you access to the services and products you need to care for your eyes. Of course you could choose to pay for these entirely out-of-pocket, but through HDS's vision partner, VSP, you’ll realize substantial savings while receiving the personalized care you deserve.

  • The Best Access to Doctors
    You want a doctor that’s conveniently located to you. With more than 34,000 doctors, VSP boasts the most extensive doctor network of any vision company. These eye care professionals partner with VSP to deliver the best patient experience and to ensure personalized care. Find a Doctor
  • The Best Eyewear Choices
    Once you're a member of VSP, you'll be thrilled by the large selection of eyewear available to you. From classic styles to trendy frames, you'll find hundreds of options to choose from. Our frames include dozens of top brand names, so you can find one that fits your personality.

Plan Information

You have the choice between two plans so you can choose which one best fits your needs.


Healthy Vision Association

VSP sells individual vision benefits through this association in most states. When your members enroll in HVA, not only do they get access to individual plans from VSP, but they also get exclusive discounts on everyday good and services, such as car rentals, online shopping, and UPS Express delivery services. HVA members can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of their benefits. Consumers join the association by paying the required $18/year membership fee.


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