Malama Maui


Our priority is the health and safety of our valued members, dentists, employees and those in our community affected by the Maui Fires. Below you will find the latest updates on how we’re shifting to provide uninterrupted service in addition to community assistance for those in need during these uncertain times.

Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) extends our aloha to Maui and the broader Hawaii community, through this exceedingly difficult and heartbreaking time. We stand strong with the people and providers of Maui, as the devastating fires reclaimed historic buildings, businesses, homes, and lives - but the fires could not take the strength and resilience of our Maui residents.

While our families continue to grieve, HDS is not only ensuring access to dental care for those who need it during this time, but we are committed to support and help Maui rebuild stronger into the future.

As our communities start to recover, here is how HDS is supporting our members and employer groups:

Here to serve


For premium payment relief, please contact the HDS Billing department for assistance at [email protected], by phone at (808) 529-9313, or toll-free at 1-844-379-4326.

HDS is standing by to connect with members who have been impacted by the recent tragedy. Please contact Customer Service if you need assistance to update your mailing address for claims payments and/or to ensure you continue to receive communications regarding your dental plan and services. If instead, you are a member of Medicare Advantage health plans (Kaiser, AlohaCare, or WellCare) or are an employee receiving benefits through EUTF, please contact your group plan directly for change of address requests.

Please contact HDS at (808) 529-9248, toll-free at 1-844-379-4325, via email at [email protected] or visit us online at to find a dentist in a nearby area, retrieve your HDS member ID cards, or arrange a virtual visit. Affected HDS members in Maui County with scheduled dental services are encouraged to contact their dentist for assistance with care coordination.

Dental Procedures


HDS is in contact with our participating providers to offer assistance and support during this challenging time. As our communities start to recover, HDS is here to support you to alleviate some of the operational burden from the recent tragedy.


To facilitate claims processing for services provided prior to the fire that were not yet billed to HDS, HDS will be allowing three (3) claim exceptions:

1. EXTENDED CLAIMS SUBMISSION TIMELINE to submit claims. The current 12-month (WellCare 6-month) claims submission period will be extended to 18 months from the date of service. The extension will apply to claims with dates of service between 8/9/2022 - 8/8/2023. Services provided after 8/8/2023 will be subject to the normal 12-month submission period.

2.WAIVED CLAIM ATTACHMENT REQUIREMENT due to loss of records. Attachments such as x-rays, clinical notes, and lab invoices are required by HDS procedure code guidelines for major services such as crowns, dentures, periodontal services, oral surgery, endodontic services, and emergency services.

Attachment requirements will be waived for claims with dates of service between 8/9/2022 - 8/8/2023 for impacted Maui dentists, provided the claim is submitted by the 18-month deadline from the date of service. Any services provided after 8/8/2023 will be subject to the normal claim attachment requirements when submitting your claim.

In order to utilize this exception, HDS requests that Maui impacted dentists include a claim comment stating, "No attachment - lost in 8/8/2023 Maui fire."

3. WAIVED TIME OR FREQUENCY LIMITATIONS FOR CERTAIN SERVICES. For patients impacted by the Maui wildfires, time or frequency limitations will be waived until further notice for certain services with dates of service after 8/8/2023.

For example, x-ray images are needed for a patient whose x-ray images were destroyed in the Maui fire. Normally, HDS would cover a complete intraoral - comprehensive series of radiographic images (D0210) if done within the plan's frequency limitation. The frequency limitation for the x-rays would be waived.

Another example is if the patient's denture or retainer was destroyed in the Maui fire. Normally, HDS would cover the appliance if replaced within the plan's 5- or 7-year time limitation. The time limitation for the appliance would be waived.

In order to utilize this exception FOR SERVICES, HDS requests that you include a claim comment stating, "Service exception due to 8/8/2023 Maui fire."

If you have any questions regarding the three (3) claim exceptions please contact the HDS Customer Service department at [email protected], by phone at (808) 529-9248, or toll-free at 1-844-379-4325.

Dental Care Guide


HDS will extend a temporary premium payment grace period to 60 days for local businesses who identify as having been impacted by the wildfires. Employer groups may request a premium payment grace period for September 2023 premiums, which are normally due September 1; payment would instead be paid by October 30, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact you dedicated HDS Account Executive by phone or vial email at [email protected].