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Celebrating 60 Years of Serving our Community


Since 1962, Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) has improved oral health and preserved the healthy smiles of Hawaii families. Today, as Hawaii's leading dental benefits provider, HDS serves more than a million residents in Hawaii, Guam, and Saipan. We look forward to creating a stronger, resilient and healthier future so all of Hawaii can live well, smile more.

To commemorate our 60th year serving Hawaii, HDS symbolizes its local roots with the kalo (taro) leaf. As a staple food in Hawaii, kalo is rich in fluoride and represents our efforts to improve oral health across the islands, just as kalo nourished the bodies and smiles of native communities for generations.

HDS Taro Leaf



True to the intent of our founding dentists, HDS continues to prioritize youth education by awarding annual scholarships to aspiring local dental students and continued support for programs that not only protect the oral health of our keiki, but also nurtures their appreciation for science and life-long learning. See just some of the latest multi-year partnerships and initiatives that help Hawaii youth live well, smile more: 


HDS Donates to Hawaii Keiki Statewide

HDS Community Impact

In May, HDS donated HDS SMILEKits to more than 12,000 kindergarten children in 208 Title I public schools throughout the state, including 37 charter schools, this month. The HDS SMILEKits contain a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, dental floss, a small toy, and an HDS SMILEFun oral health activity booklet. Hawaii Keiki assisted HDS in the distribution of these SMILEKits to schools statewide. 

Investing in Hawaii's Local Youth

HDS Community Impact

HDS believes in creating a brighter future with continued investment in local youth programs that support oral health initiatives and STEM based education. Recent partnerships and donations include: 


HDS 60th SMILEWell

SMILEWell: Exclusive Oral Health Wellness for Your Work Ohana

The HDS SMILEWell program helps to improve the oral health (and ultimately, overall health) of your valued employees. All HDS employers have access to SMILEWell, giving your employees the information, resources, and engaging incentives they need to Live Well, Smile More.

HDS 60th IDP

Preventive Dental Plans for Everyone

HDS offers affordable dental plans for everyone - whether you're a student, self-employed, retired, underinsured, or currently uninsured. HDS dental plans prioritize preventive care and include Total Health Plus - additional qualified coverage for members with select medical conditions.


HDS Foundation

The HDS Foundation works to improve oral health in communities where HDS operates (Hawaii, Guam, Saipan) through grant distribution, oral health education, disease prevention, and by increasing access to dental care for underserved communities.

HDS Foundation Oral Health Initiatives


The HDS Foundation was busy with their two oral health initiatives in recent months. In May, the HDS Foundation brought its Kupuna Smiles oral health training program to Windward Oahu. Nearly 60 nursing team members of Ann Pearl Rehab and Nursing facility in Kaneohe learned how to care for the teeth and gums of their residents more effectively. In February, the HDS Foundation has partnered with Hawaii Keiki to provide sealants for students at Title I elementary schools on Oahu and Maui as part of their Seal Away Decay initiative. The Hawaii Keiki team provided sealants at nine elementary schools, reaching nearly 200 second grade students with dental screenings and 137 students with sealants for a total of nearly 500 teeth sealed.